I have a Uni/ TAFE/ School assignment. Can I interview you? 

I definitely try to support as many students as possible but sometimes I may miss your email or run out of time.  When you fill out the contact form please include the following things to assist me: 

1. The School/ University/ TAFE you are studying at
2. The course/ Faculty you are with
3. Your teacher / coordinator’s name and contact details
4. What your assignment is on
5. The deadline for the assignment
6. Proposed dates/ times you would like to speak with me or have a reply by
7. WHY you chose this assignment topic. 
8.  Are you former or current sex worker? If so, what area/s of the sex industry do you have experience in? If you choose to disclose this information, please be assured that I will keep that information confidential and private. 
9. Also, please familiarise yourself with the other media I have already done. This includes: watching Scarlet Road, the TEDx talk and listening to the interviews and podcasts I have previously done. This interview with the director of Scarlet Road, Catherine Scott, is a particularly good one to start with: https://www.efilmcritic.com/feature.php?feature=3364