NO!   I’m happy to see clients from all sectors of our society.  I treat everyone I meet with the same level of dignity and respect that everyone should enjoy and expect in life. I embrace the diversity of each individual and will never discriminate against you based on anything to do with your gender, age, size, shape, height, weight, ethnicity, religious beliefs, (dis)abilities, colour of your skin or your level of sexual experience.

I definitely try to support as many students as possible but sometimes I may miss your email or run out of time.  When you fill out the contact form please include the following things to assist me: 

1. The School/ University/ TAFE you are studying at
2. The course/ Faculty you are with
3. Your teacher / coordinator’s name and contact details
4. What your assignment is on
5. The deadline for the assignment
6. Proposed dates/ times you would like to speak with me or have a reply by
7. WHY you chose this assignment topic. 
8.  Are you former or current sex worker? If so, what area/s of the sex industry do you have experience in? If you choose to disclose this information, please be assured that I will keep that information confidential and private. 
9. Also, please familiarise yourself with the other media I have already done. This includes: watching Scarlet Road, the TEDx talk and listening to the interviews and podcasts I have previously done. This interview with the director of Scarlet Road, Catherine Scott, is a particularly good one to start with: https://www.efilmcritic.com/feature.php?feature=3364

Yes! Access to the documentary can be purchased here: https://scarletroaddocumentary.vhx.tv/checkout/scarlet-road/purchase

Please use my Contact form to contact me about availability. It would be good if you could include:

  1. What the screening is for (uni class / conference/ in-service training at an organisation)
  2. The proposed date and time (I live in Sydney which is the EAST or with daylight savings it’s called AEDT)
  3. How long you would like me to speak for
  4. The topic/s you would like me to address
  5. The payment schedule / budget for this event.

I live in Sydney, Australia. I have a workspace in the Erskineville/ Newtown area

It depends on where you are located. Obviously due to COVID there are still different travel restrictions and requirements in place. Send me an email via my Contact form and I can let you know if I can, my availability and the costs associated with this.