There’s been a wide range of media I’ve been involved in. Please see below for a selection of podcasts, audio-visual video footage, radio interviews and print & digital media articles.


The Specialised Sex Worker;  The Deep. A. Davis & Z. Marshall.

Disability and the fight for sex workers; The Dish;  D. Rutner.

Decriminalised Sex Down Under;  Sex with Strangers, Podcast Series, Episode 34; Host: Chris Sowa, Broadcast 2nd January 2018. Interviewed in this podcast as a followon from Episode 31. Available at:

Mentioned in this podcast.:Sex and Disability; in Sex with Strangers, Podcast Series, Episode 31; Host: Chris Sowa, Broadcast 30th June 2017. Available at:

TV : audio-visual : multimedia

I Have Cerebral Palsy and I Enjoy Having Sex, 2014
[VIDEO] AVailable at:

Occupation: Sex Worker. Andréane Williams. 2013
Available at:

Insight, SBS, Sex and Disability. 2016 
This program won the 2016 United Nations Australia Media Peace Award for the Promotion of Disability Rights.

Available at: or

7:30 Report, ABC : Will you still make love to me when I’m 64?;  2013;
[TV interview] Available at:

The Project. (2012, 12 June).
[TV segment] Retrieved from

Scarlet Alliance National Symposium 2009 
Failed Sytemes of Legislation:  the ‘Swedish Model’ [AUDIO & powerpoint presentation] Retrieved from

Ten Breakfast, Channel 10, Disabled Sex, 2012.
Paul Henry speaks to SA MP for the Dignity for Disability party, Kelly Vincent, and sex worker Rachel Wotton about calls to leaglise sex workers for people with disability in South Australia.


Women’s Hour.; BBC4 Radio, 2012
[Radio Interview]
Retrieved from

Links Between Sex Workers, People with Disability Get a Boost, 2014
Roxburgh, T. (Producer),
Available at:

Sex work and people living with a disability; The Vixen Hour, 2013
Anastasia & Christian (Producers);
 Available at:

Sex Worker Rachel Wotton is an Advocate for Inclusion, RRR Melbourne, 2012
Available at:

Sex work and disability – Breaking the taboo, 2012
Available at:

Conversations with Richard Fidler. 2012
Available at:

Print & Digital Media

[This section will be added to at a later date to include the PDFs of previous print media articles that can no longer be found online]

The Future of Sex Work – a Photo Essay, Jad Salfiti (journalist), Michael Wickham (photographer), The Guardian, 1st May 2018. Available at:

Life as a sex worker for people with disabilities; Vanessa Brown, The Daily Telegraph, 11th December 2015. Available at:

Providing Sexual Services to Clients with Disability; 1st August 2014 [Online Article] Available at:

Occupation: Sex Worker [Online article], Andréane Williams; 7th January 2013; Available at:

Interview with Sex Worker Rachel Wotton – Skin Hunger, Part 2; Carly Findlay; 23rd May 2012. Available at:

Australská sexuální asistentka Rachel Wotton v Praze. 2017. Available at:

Australian Women’s Weekly, March 2013, [Feature Article]. Available here