I have spoken at a wide range of local, nation and international conferences within Australia, Canada, America, England, Hong Kong, Poland, Spain, Thailand, Czech Republic and Mexico. A variety of them are shared below. Not all presentations were published so if you’re wanting to know more about a certain one, please use my Inquiry form on the Contat Me page.

AAG – the Annual American Geography Conference. New Orleans, USA; 10-14th April 2018
Sex work, Sexual surrogacy, sexual assistants, ‘compassionate masturbation services’: where in the world are these services being offered to people with disability?;  Geographies of Sex, Sexuality and Sex Work session (Sponsored by the Sexuality and Space Specialty Group)

Sex Works! The intersection of mental health and sexuality professionals, 6th Annual Conference, Pink Therapy, London, UK, 23rd – 24th March, 2018
Sexual Services for People with Disabilities
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 The 23rd Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health, Prague, Czech Republic. 28-31st May 2017
1.       Sex Workers Who Provide Services to Clients With Disability in New South Wales, Australia       [oral presentation]
2.      Similarities and Differences Between Sexual Surrogacy, Sex Work and Facilitated Sexual Assistance         [oral presentation]

AAG – the Annual American Geography Conference. Boston USA; 5-9th April 2017.
Sex workers who provide services to clients with disability, (De)Stigmatising Sexscapes: Politics, Policy and Performance V: 5. Mobilities, Immobilities and Boundaries Session (Sponsored by Sexuality and Space Specialty Group)

 ADA Australia National Conference,, Queensland, 23-24th March 2017
Aged  and Disability Advocates, Human Rights & Social Justice – Shifting Client Control
The Dignity of Touch    [oral presentation]

19th WAS World Congress for Sexual Health, Goteborg, Sweden, 22-25th June 2009
1.     Professional Disability Awareness Training for Sex Workers (PDAT): an Innovative Educational Workshop by Touching Base Inc [Oral presentation]
2.    Sexual Surrogacy: from a Surrogate’s Perspective  [Oral moderated poster presentation]
3.    A Personal Perspective of a Sex Worker Who Provides Services to Clients with Disability [Poster Presentation]
4.     Sex Workers Who Provide Services to Clients with a Disability in New South Wales, Australia [Poster Presentation]

XVII International AIDS Conference, Mexico City, Mexico, 2008
HIV Prevention Strategies within the Australian Sex Worker Population – An Overview of Successful Implementation.  [oral presentation]

19th International Harm Reduction Conference, Barcelona, Spain, 2008
1.   Just Do It: Decriminalisation as a Best Practice Model for Sex Industry Regulation – the Australian Experience [Oral presentation]
2.   Harm Reduction Strategies for Sex Workers in Australia  [Poster Presentation] 

18th International Harm Reduction Conference, Warsaw, Poland, 13-18th May 2007
1.   Harm Reduction Frameworks in Sex Worker Peer Education [Key Note Presentation]
2.  Harm Reduction Frameworks in Sex Worker Peer Education in Australia; Theoretical Discussions [Poster presentation]

The 18th World Congress of WAS, the 1st World Congress of Sexual Health 1st World Congress in Sexual Health: XVIII World Congress of WAS. Sydney, Australia. 15th April 2007
Sexual Surrogacy And Sex Work: Similarities And Differences [oral presentation]

HIV and Disability: looking Across the Great Divide; The Consortium for Social and Policy Research on HIV, Hepatitis C and Related Diseases (NCHRS); Cockle Bay, Sydney, 19th February 2007 
Sex Workers and People with a Disability – Bridging the Gap [oral presentation]

The Ins and Outs of Sex Work and the Law Conference. City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; 20-22nd October 2006.
Getting on Top Of Decriminalisation for the NSW Sex Industry [oral presentation]
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XVI International AIDS Conference, Toronto, Canada, 13–18 August 2006
Improved working relationships between a sex worker organisation and the police in order to increase the effectiveness of HIV prevention strategies for street-based sex workers, [Poster presentation]
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Re-visioning Prostitution Policy: Creating Space for Sex Worker Rights and Challenging Criminalization Conference; Las Vegas, Nevada. 2006
Touching Base – An Overview of What Has Been Accomplished So Far [oral presentation]

Forum XXX:  Celebrating a Decade of Action – Designing our Future, Montreal, Canada, 18th-22nd May, 2005
Safety tips / OH & S in the sex industry [Workshop]

XV International AIDS Conference: Bangkok, Thailand, 2004
The Relationship Between Street-based Sex Workers and the Police in the Effectiveness of HIV Prevention Strategies [oral presentation]

Sex Work and Health in a Changing Europe, Conference: Milton Keynes, UK, 2001
Occupational Health & Safety in Australian Sex Industry [oral presentation]